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jus straight chillin, ya heard

Yeah, so now that LSATs are over I am recovering into senioritis quite nicely. I'm blowing all my money on worthless crap, skipping classes, and generally fucking around.

I'm going camping this weekend.

I got real pissed today in class cuz a prof asked me to put my newspaper away. Its a 200 person lecture, you can F off. On top of that the dude has the nerve to bring his fucking dog to class. Who brings a dog to class. So we are getting a dog whistle and some milk bones to fuck with it.

Battle of the Bands is next tuesday, we are gonna try to do some cool shit cuz its right before halloween. We'll see.

I generally haven't been feeling like posting cuz for the most part, I am not whacked out. I don't really have much to say because life is just goin along ok. I mean, I guess there is the question of law school vs. music, but that will come in time. I think I will have a hard time walking away from the drumset, and I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do about it. I guess I have stars in my eyes, I dunno. I want to be a rockstar ;)

I lost a friend last week cuz she is has feelings for me. Her loss, the biatch. Anyway.

All I ever talk about is sex, violence and rock n roll. Is that a bad thing? I haven't decided. I think Los Angeles is calling me back by making me shallow. Or I'm just too tired for deep conversation. Maybe I just don't care or I'm lazy. Ok, back to being whacked out. Hello LJ.

Well whatever is happening, I am having a hell of a good time living in the house. People are cool and actually want to do more than just sit in their rooms and get wasted. So life is good, I think.

I am Jack's alcoholic mindset.
I am also hungry, so I'm out.

Oh yeah, and I'm gonna start l5r again...maybe. I am such a looooooooooooooooooooser.

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