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Short rant.

Republicans are for:

removing womens' rights.

removing minority rights.

against funding education.

catering to corporate interests.

smaller government.

eliminating social programs.


Shrinking the separation of church and state.

And a lot of other shit.

* * * * *

Democrats are for nothing, but I'll still vote for them because I hate republican values.

America is fat, lazy, uneducated and stagnant. Every single industry we have created, with the exception of defense, has been shopped out somewhere else in the world. Global corporations have more sway over the American people than the people do over themselves. Any last vestiges of American culture are ground down into pop culture crap. Television has become the "idiot box" that parents of the 80s warned their kids not to watch too much of. The "too cool" apathy of America has finally grown up and now the whole goddamn country is like that fat fucking bitch in florida who didn't get off her couch for 5 years and her skin fused to the couch and she just shit on herself and ate easy cheese all the time and then died cuz the paramedics couldn't help her I don't want to live in this kind of a country. Much less that kind of state. Or city. Or town. Or street. Or house. None of it.

I am against lowering the common denominator of the American people. The Republican Party has spent 4 years working hard to do that.

They can go fuck themselves.

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