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Murphy's Oil Soap

So yeah, this was a ridiculous weekend.

Was on the radio sunday night, getting interviewed about our Noise in the Basement show. The radio station was fun as hell, as soon as Jay and Hans figured out how to get there. When we get a van, I am gonna be the only one driving, period.

So we bullshit with the DJ for a while, and he asks us where our name is from and we won't tell him. So he gets all annoyed and I'm just like "its Charlie Murphy." Of course he doesn't know who Charlie Murphy is, so I have to explain: "The guy that Rick James slapped around." I think he got pissed at us because he didn't talk to us at all at the show, but whatever, it was fucking hilarious.

So monday night we roll up to the show, the first band almost didn't make it because of traffic, but everything is smooth. All 4 of the bands used my drumset, which is probably now completely toast. Ah well.

We hung out with Underscore, those guys are fuckin sick. Def a great time, they put on a great show.

So we closed it out and blew a lot of people away. Good times.

Thanks to everyone who came out, took pictures, got friends to come, and generally helped us have a fucking great monday night.


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