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Pacific Standard Time

Woo going to L.A. on saturday for 10 days. Should be excellent, get to hang with my old friends out there, and some new arrivals too. Looking forward to Sunset, DuPar's, Colorado Blvd, QM, HB, and maybe some studio audience fun. Should be a freaking awesome time.

Band is going into the studio tomorrow to lay tracks for when I get back, life is good.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I am also gonna see some awesome hot bitches make the olympic team. Then I'm going to fuck them. All of them. AWESOME. Go me.

And so am I.

And just so you know, Fuck Tha Police is a Public Enemy song.

And now, a quick aside:
Recycle my nuts in your mouth, bitch. If you want to know why you have no friends, its because you ditched all of them like a two-cent whore. Hope you have as much fun as I do. You know who you are.

With that having been said.

I'll be west coast chillin, cali-forn-i-a. gimme love.

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