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Cool meme that I made up.

I have been thinking about this a long time, so I figured it was time to put digital pen to paper.

List 5 events that were absolutely random occurrances, but had life-changing effects, and why.

1. While thinking about joining a fraternity, running into Brett at 3am in the middle of campus, the night after he was initiated into DSP. We had spent all of freshman year hating on fraternities, and he told me to come over and check it out. I did, and joined.

2. Being a dork and going to Origins 99, where I met the people who would become the BoJ crew, and Chris and Jenny, who have become close friends and allies in the battle against the evil entertainment empire. Had I not joined the tournament team I did, or not shown up the 2nd day, the next 2-3 years of my life would have been incredibly different.

3. At CSUN, rooming with Sean and making the Ghostbusters connection. If my roommate had sucked I never would have seen much of Los Angeles and certainly not much of Connecticut. Lots of good times.

4. Avoiding crashing the truck on the way back from Milwaukee, in summer 03. Scariest experience of my life. If Chad was driving, or I had not been able to control the car, I wouldn't be here today. Kind of put things in perspective for me.

5. On an absolute whim, signing up for bartending classes, then finding out I was fired from my previous job. Bartending turned out to pretty much be my only work during college, and it definitely changed my personality and introduced me to many awesome and interesting people.

So thats a wrap in 15 minutes I guess. I might come back and edit these, but looking at my track record, prolly not. I wonder, do other people have the same experiences, where they can attribute an entire part of their lives down to one random event? I look back and smile at it, smile at knowing that I am pleased how fate worked out for me.

You're welcome to pick this one up for yourself, I dunno how many people it applies to, really.

Enough sentimentality from me, I was born to rock.

Funny how things work out.
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